Shores of Europe

Ruggia (Germany) - Cap Arkona

Spontaneous trip to the German island of Ruggia, caused by the breakdown of weather conditions during a cruise on the German part of the Szczecin Lagoon, as part of the summer expedition under the nick name "Water Virus 2022"

The Kimmeridge Lantern Kayaking

This was a continuation of the exploration of the south coast of England and Weymouth Bay, Dorset Region. The route begins in the picturesque Kimmeridge Bay, with a small fishing harbour, a mini maritime museum and a unique lighthouse on top of a small hill. The route ran along high rock cliffs and rocks protruding […]

The Durdle Door Arch Kayaking

It is impossible to imagine a better trip for a maiden voyage for a kayak. There was everything what the young, beauty cadets and the old, ugly jack-tars like the most. There was, riding on the roof as on the trolley, pulling, pushing, surfing on the picks and hard work against the waves, flooding, waterboarding, […]

The Lofoten Archipelago


Around Fasta Aland

In the first half of June 2018 we „attacked” – together with Piotr – the biggest island of Aland archipelgo, Fasta Aland. Within 5 days we paddled circa 64 nautical miles (118 km) and went 2,5 km by foot during horrible 3-hours march with kayaks. For it was not full circumnavigation of the island. First […]


Finishing Ivalojoki river in July 2017, according to the plan, Adam and me, we had being planned get to the mouth and paddle through Inari lake to Inari village. Though finally we decided to use the opportunity to be in The North Cape (Nordkapp), since we were only 400 km from. The second idea was […]

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