Finishing Ivalojoki river in July 2017, according to the plan, Adam and me, we had being planned get to the mouth and paddle through Inari lake to Inari village. Though finally we decided to use the opportunity to be in The North Cape (Nordkapp), since we were only 400 km from. The second idea was to launch our kayaks somewhere over there. It was a great, several hours journey, full of wonderful landscapes of the northern nature, Norwegian mountains and 200-km road alongside Porsangerfjord. That last one with a few long tunnels and corridors beetwen cliffs and walls of the rocks as well.

At 10 p.m., in the lunar landscape of Mageroya island, Nordkapp greeted us with the sun, high temperature and the Barents Sea being flat like a table. It was hard to satiate with the beauty of that place. In the end we got to the camping Skarsvag, the northernmost permanently inhabited village at the continental Europe. Next day we had launched our kayaks in the local fishing port and started 12-km route in Vestfjord, with a break for climbing to the ridge, which divides the fjord into two parts. Our paddling was ended with a full of adrenaline escape from open sea to the fjord, as the strong wind came down on the water from the high cliffs.

That was, how my naval kayaking has begun „modestly”, on The Arctic Ocean.


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