The Kimmeridge Lantern Kayaking


This was a continuation of the exploration of the south coast of England and Weymouth Bay, Dorset Region. The route begins in the picturesque Kimmeridge Bay, with a small fishing harbour, a mini maritime museum and a unique lighthouse on top of a small hill. The route ran along high rock cliffs and rocks protruding from the water in some places. Halfway through the route, as on the previous trip, I stopped on the shores of the Lulworth Cove lagoon, which the water had carved like a huge jellyfish, washing sand from between the rocky frames of the shore. By the way, ironically of the times, this fabulous lagoon, slightly characterised, played "Nova Scotia Safe Zone" in a Hollywood production starring Brat Pit, „World War Z”.

Back to Kimmeridge Bay, with favourable wind and current I moped over some places an average of 7 places 8 km/h. Just a glimpse of the majestic sunset over the English Channel and the trip is over.

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