Wdzydze Lake - Kashubian Sea

Date: 28.12.2021
Start: Borsk (beach, Wda river entrance)
Finish: Borsk (beach, Wda river entrance)
Distance: 13.5km (8,6 Mm)
Wind Strength: South wind tuning into west, 3-4°B
Weather: Misty and windy
Average Speed: 3.6 km/h

Świnoujście - Dziwnów - Świnoujście

Date: 21-26.06.2021
Start: Świnoujście (marina jachtowa)
Finish: Świnoujście (marina jachtowa)
Distance: 130 km (70,19 Mm)
Wind Strength: West wind 4-2°B
Weather: Sunny, moderate clouds into heavy rain, tundersorm, temp. 35 - 25°C,
Average Speed: 3,6 km/h

Gdynia - Yacht Port

Date: 25.10.2020

Start: Gdynia Yacht Port

Finish: Gdynia Yacht Port

Distance: 16km (8,7Mm)

Wind Strength/Sea's State: South wind, 2-3°B/1-2

Weather: Forcast, temp. about 15°C, waves from very small to small

The Kimmeridge Lantern Kayaking

This was a continuation of the exploration of the south coast of England and Weymouth Bay, Dorset Region. The route begins in the picturesque Kimmeridge Bay, with a small fishing harbour, a mini maritime museum and a unique lighthouse on top of a small hill. The route ran along high rock cliffs and rocks protruding from the water in some places. Halfway through the route, as on the previous trip, I stopped on the shores of the Lulworth Cove lagoon, which the water had carved like a huge jellyfish, washing sand from between the rocky frames of the shore. By the way, ironically of the times, this fabulous lagoon, slightly characterised, played "Nova Scotia Safe Zone" in a Hollywood production starring Brat Pit, „World War Z”.

Back to Kimmeridge Bay, with favourable wind and current I moped over some places an average of 7 places 8 km/h. Just a glimpse of the majestic sunset over the English Channel and the trip is over.

Lower Odra

The Durdle Door Arch Kayaking

It is impossible to imagine a better trip for a maiden voyage for a kayak. There was everything what the young, beauty cadets and the old, ugly jack-tars like the most. There was, riding on the roof as on the trolley, pulling, pushing, surfing on the picks and hard work against the waves, flooding, waterboarding, rubbing plating and salt rubbing wounds, burning with the sun and cooling with the wind…

I would not ever mention it but thanks to some unprecedented circumstances, (I don't want to archive the reason for the future memo) the places normally crowded remained un-commercialized and not so overloaded. No parking and road fees, as well. Unusual experience in the resorts like that but I was not missing the fish and chips
Instead of that the trip offered a spectacular views and physical workout. Paddling under the head of the drinking Atlantic (channel) water, Brontosaur - unforgettable.

Stara Pasłęka - Tolkmicko

Date: 09.05.2020

Start: Stara Pasłęka (port) - 10.45

Finish: Tolkmicko (port) - 15.40

Distance: about 21.2km (11.5Nm)

Weather: clear sky, temperature about 15°C, waves from very small to small (max 0.5 m)

Hel - Kuznica

Date: 08.02.2020

Start: Hel (navy's port) - 10.45

Finish: Kuźnica (beach) - 09.30

Distance: about 27,8km (14,8 Nm)

Wind Strength/Sea's State: South and South East wind, 2-3°B

Weather: Clear sky, tempurature about 3°C, waves from little to small (max 0,6m)

Martwa Visula

Leba - Czolpino - Rowy

Date: 20.07.2019

Start: Czolpino (beach) - 06.30

Finish: Rowy (Harbor) - 09.30

Distance: about 14.5km (7.8 Nm)

Wind Strength/Sea's State: West and North-West wind, 4-5°B

Weather: Full overcast, partly rainy, temperatures of about 18°C, waves - from small to large (up to 1 m) on the Harbour's entrance 1.5m.

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