Lower Odra

Stara Pasłęka - Tolkmicko

Date: 09.05.2020

Start: Stara Pasłęka (port) - 10.45

Finish: Tolkmicko (port) - 15.40

Distance: about 21.2km (11.5Nm)

Weather: clear sky, temperature about 15°C, waves from very small to small (max 0.5 m)

Martwa Visula

Hel - Kuznica

Date: 08.02.2020

Start: Hel (navy's port) - 10.45

Finish: Kuźnica (beach) - 09.30

Distance: about 27,8km (14,8 Nm)

Wind Strength/Sea's State: South and South East wind, 2-3°B

Weather: Clear sky, tempurature about 3°C, waves from little to small (max 0,6m)

Leba - Czolpino - Rowy

Date: 20.07.2019

Start: Czolpino (beach) - 06.30

Finish: Rowy (Harbor) - 09.30

Distance: about 14.5km (7.8 Nm)

Wind Strength/Sea's State: West and North-West wind, 4-5°B

Weather: Full overcast, partly rainy, temperatures of about 18°C, waves - from small to large (up to 1 m) on the Harbour's entrance 1.5m.

The Lofoten Archipelago






Karwieńskie Błota - Władysławowo (East Beach)

Date: 01.05.2019

Start: Karwia (beach – entrance number 47) - 14.00

Finish: Władysławowo (the base of the peninsula) - 17.30

Distance: About 16,8 km (9,1 Nm)

Wind's strength/Sea's state: West wind, 2-5°B /2-3

Weather: Sunny up to a complete overcast, temperatures of about 15-10°C, small waves (maximum height - 40-50 cm)


Date: 17th January 2019

Start: Władysławowo (the east beach) - 10:15

Finish: Jurata (beach) - 14:45

Distance: about 22 km (11,9 Nm)

Wind's Direction /Sea's State: West wind, about 3-4°B

Weather: an overcast with occasional sunlight, temperatures reaching 5°C, the waves reached 40-50 cm.

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Gdansk Port

Journey Data

Date: 29 December 2018 r.

Start: Żabi Kruk - 10:00

Finish: Żabi Kruk - 16:30

Distance: 19,66 km (10,62 Nm)

Wind's strenght/Sea's state: South wind, about 1-2°B

Weather: At the begging many clouds were encountered but it was was sunny, later it turned into an overcast with a light showers. Temperatures of about 4°C. Waves of around 10cm.



Łeba - Lubiatowo

About the journey

Date: 26th August 2018

Start: Łeba (molo) - 11:55

Finish: Lubiatowo (beach) - 15:20

Distance: 19,66 km (10,62 Nm)

Wind / Sea: West wind, 3-4°B

Weather: At the begging a rainstorm was
encountered , then it became sunny, West wind, waves reached 80 cm

Journey map

Short movie


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