The Durdle Door Arch Kayaking


It is impossible to imagine a better trip for a maiden voyage for a kayak. There was everything what the young, beauty cadets and the old, ugly jack-tars like the most. There was, riding on the roof as on the trolley, pulling, pushing, surfing on the picks and hard work against the waves, flooding, waterboarding, rubbing plating and salt rubbing wounds, burning with the sun and cooling with the wind…

I would not ever mention it but thanks to some unprecedented circumstances, (I don't want to archive the reason for the future memo) the places normally crowded remained un-commercialized and not so overloaded. No parking and road fees, as well. Unusual experience in the resorts like that but I was not missing the fish and chips
Instead of that the trip offered a spectacular views and physical workout. Paddling under the head of the drinking Atlantic (channel) water, Brontosaur - unforgettable.

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