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This website is a result of my passion, lasting for 25 years, which has passed into a new, exciting stage since 2017. It started in1993, thanks to my late uncle, Michał, who had enhanced me,when I was a teenager, to canoe touristically. From this time, I put distance of 3,1 thousands km while on 33 rivers, mainly in Poland, but in Finland and Lithuania too, and 150 Nm on the seas. Spending more than 220 days on the water and most of the nights in the tent.

Despite living by the Baltic Sea, something that should come naturally, happened in July 2017, when I drowned my paddles and my “ship's” hull in Barents Sea. In Skarsvåg, very small fisher's village, located a few kilometers in the east of Nordkapp. In the northernmost inhabited place at the mainland of Europe. After a few hours on the Arctic Ocean I rose to the bait...

Going with the flow, in September last year I started my idea of the passage by kayak alongside of entire Polish coast, planned for a few years, which I named THE POLISH STRAND. It is a way from Nowa Pasłęka at Wisła Bay in the east, just near Russian border (Kaliningrad region), till Nowe Warpno at Szczecin Bay in the west, close to German border (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Distance ca. 350-380 nautical miles (650-700 km).

In the meantime, if the the fate lets me, I will continue exploration of the more onward areas. Then, in June 2018, with my buddy Piotr, I have circumnavigated a part of the biggest island of the Alands archipelago, Fasta Aland, on the Baltic Sea (dist. 65 nM). However, my maritime cruising has a dimension of loneliness, too. Which I like. By the way, in Poland kayaking on the sea is a niche into a niche.

The kayak, I make a journeys, is 9-year old PRIJON TOURYAK. That is not a typical sea vessel. But for now it works out perfectly as a stable, fast and very capacious one. Great expeditionary gear for small rivers and sea waves.
Canoeing - apart from my other hobbies - is a springboard, an escape from everyday hard, stressing work in a specific profession. It's a kind of realisation of my child's and youthful big dream to be a sailor, as well.
But first of all, I set this website to please the eyes of these ones, who visit here for some reason and loves the sea as much as I do. Please the eye with the views of those beautiful places, I have been watching and taking photos from this very rare perspective, just above the side of kayak. Possibly, it will also be an inspiration for someone, to go the same way.

February 2019


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